Convertech & e-Print May/​June 2012
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Redis­cov­er­ing the His­tory of Print­ing Through Antiques
Michi­haru Tomi­hara, Pri­vate Col­lec­tor, Shi­ro­haku Ancient Map and Cas­tle Museum Tomi­hara Library

Water and Oil Repel­lent Soft, Porous Marshmallow-​like Gel
Gen Hayase, Kazuyoshi Kanamori, Kazuki Nakan­ishi, Grad­u­ate School of Sci­ence, Kyoto University

Explor­ing Coat­ing Fun­da­men­tals Through Inter­ac­tive Simulations
Brian G. Hig­gins, Depart­ment of Chem­i­cal Engi­neer­ing and Mate­ri­als Sci­ence, Uni­ver­sity of California
Housam Binous, Depart­ment of Chem­i­cal Engi­neer­ing, King Fahd Uni­ver­sity Petro­leum & Minerals



The A, B, Cs of Gravure Print­ing Machines, Ses­sion 1
Basic Specifi cations and Unit Struc­ture (2)
Takashi Mori­naga
Slit­ting Tech­nol­ogy, Ses­sion 1
Hideaki Taka­hashi, NISHIMURA MFGCO., LTD.
Basic Course on Instru­men­ta­tion and Con­trol in the Con­vert­ing Process, Ses­sion 18
Fun­da­men­tals of Ten­sion Con­trol in Web Han­dling, Ses­sion 1
Tension-​Force Rela­tion­ship, and Torque/​Speed Control
Tsug­uyasu Mizoue, Mit­subishi Elec­tric Corporation
Takashi Kawan­ishi, Mit­subishi Elec­tric Engi­neer­ing Com­pany Limited
Basics of Roll Coat­ing From the Plant Floor, Ses­sion 4
Reverse Roll Coater (2)
Osamu Kuriyama
Pro­duc­tion and Man­u­fac­tur­ing Tech­nol­ogy in the Lam­i­na­tion Process (2)
Koichi Mat­sumoto, Pro­fes­sional Engi­neer (Indus­trial Management)
PSA Tech­nol­ogy Course, Clos­ing Session
Other PSA Tape/​Sheet Applications
Dr. Kazuo Nate
Pack­ag­ing Film Pro­duc­tion and Func­tion­al­iz­ing Technology
Part 4: Processed Prod­ucts (2)
Akira Hayashi
Screen Print­ing & Printed Elec­tron­ics, Ses­sion 11
Pat­tern and Machine Design for Improved Qual­ity and Productivity
Yasushi Sano, SP-​Solutions Co., Ltd.
Intro­duc­tion to Flex­i­ble & Print­able Elec­tron­ics, Ses­sion 16
Flex­i­ble Cop­per Lam­i­nate Pro­duc­tion (3)
Dominique K. Numakura, DKN Research LLC

Focus On…

TREXEL Japan Estab­lished to Spread MuCell Injec­tion Molding/​Micro-​foam Tech­nol­ogy in Japan
Heat-​resistant Chem­i­cal Solu­tion Bag Kit for 121°C Sterilization
Antic­i­pat­ing Global Stan­dards in Pharmaceuticals
Single-​portion Con­tainer Born From Bot­tle Collaboration
Thick­ness Design and Con­cave Rib Struc­ture for Strength
Sun­tory Hold­ings Lim­ited, THER­MOS KK.
Huge Exhibitor Demand for inter­pack 2014
More Than Two Dozen Exhibitors from Japan
inter­pack 2014 Preview
“New FX2” Reduces Cell Vol­ume Devi­a­tion to ア1.5%
First Machine Exported to China’s Yuncheng Plate Making
Japan-​Taiwan Joint Devel­op­ment of Gravure Off­set Technology
Lat­est Results of L/S=9/9 μm Touch Panels
Komori Cor­po­ra­tion, ITRI
LED-​UV Off­set Film Printing
Dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion With Low-​cost PS Plate
Miyakoshi Print­ing Machin­ery Co., Ltd.
HP Office­jet Pro Series Makes Guin­ness World Records
Reduc­ing Power Con­sump­tion and Print­ing Costs by Half
Hewlett-​Packard Company
Busi­ness Inkjet Is Strong in West­ern Europe and NA
Office Laser Print­ers Shift to MFP
InfoTrends Ltd.
Trans­fer Roller Clean­ers in the Gravure Print­ing Industry
Visu­ally Con­firm­ing Debris Removal
Japan’s Print­ing Mar­ket Con­tracts 3.6% in the First Three Quarters
Pack­ag­ing and Archi­tec­tural Mate­ri­als Show Healthy Growth
Min­istry of Econ­omy, Trade and Indus­try Monthly Report of Cur­rent Pro­duc­tion Sta­tis­tics Survey
Ratio­nal­iz­ing Defect Inspec­tion for Flex­i­ble Pack­ag­ing Gravure Printing
“Pitat II” Min­i­mizes Time and Loss
DAC Engi­neer­ing Co., Ltd.
SUPLaDUO Ion Plated GZO Film Alter­na­tive for ITO
Meet­ing Cost Reduc­tions and Envi­ron­men­tal Regulation
Shift­ing From Petro­leum to Bio­mass Plastics
Strong Sup­port From Food Pro­duc­ers and Envi­ron­men­tally Aware Consumers
Japan Print­ers Asso­ci­a­tion Gravure Research Society

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WH Hashimoto
Chapter 1 Background to Web Handling
Chapter 2 Web Handling Fundamentals
Chapter 3 Web Deformation
Chapter 4 Tribology in Web Handling
Chapter 5 Web Slippage
Chapter 6 Web Wrinkles
Chapter 7 Winding Mechanics
Chapter 8 Tension Control
Chapter 9 Web Spreading

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