Convertech International November / December 2016

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20    Applying High-purity, Edible Squid Ink Dyes to Industrial Materials and the Future Market Outlook
Takashi Ueno, Department of Material and Environmental Engineering, Hakodate College, National Institute of Technology

26    Development and Application of HEPTAX PF
Shoji Watanbe, GUNZE LIMITED Plastic Film Company

30    PELLICULE LCP Liquid-crystal Polymer Film
Yoshiaki Nakajima, Masaki Yoshida, Yuji Hamanaka Development Center, Product Planning Department, CHIYODA INTEGRE CO., LTD.


Focus On..

4    World’s First Demonstration of the FXIJ Water-based Inkjet Printer at TOKYO PACK

8    Cold Foil Stamping Expands the Potential of Digital Printing
Azuma Seal Co., Ltd., Towa Process Co., Ltd.

10    Multifaceted Support for the Development of UV Inkjet Printed Products and Direct Textile Printing

16    New Alternating Field Sensing Technology Detects Blister Sheets and Paper Documents Inside Sealed Packages

32    Toyobo Targets the Global Market for High Performance PE Fibers With a Rebranded, Improved IZANAS
Toyobo Co., Ltd.

35    Sino-Label 2017 Presents Cost-Effective Digital Printing Solutions
Printing South China / Sino-Label

37    Printing South China 2017 Showcases Advanced Post-press and Packaging Converting Equipment and Technologies, Meeting Worldwide Needs for Technology Enhancement
Printing South China / Sino-Label

40    Understanding the Fundamentals of Gravure Printing: Film, Machines, Cylinders, and Ink
The Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology, Technology Committee, Gravure Research Groups, Second Course on Gravure Fundamentals

45    New Inkjet Direct Pill Printing System Produces Precise, Easy to Read Text and Designs on All Types of Pills
Kishu Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

46    New Ultra-thin Hydrophilic Coating Film Decreases Biological Material Adhesion in Complex Flow Channel Geometries
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

48    New Slim Brick Milk Carton Aims to Revitalize the Milk Market, Improve Freshness, and Ease Use
Meiji Co., Ltd.

50    Mazerucchan Divided Pouch Reduces Waste and Improves Freshness

51    Novel Concepts for Easier to Use Refill Pouches, Plastic Wrap, and Medication Bottles
The Society of Packaging Science & Technology, Japan 25th Annual Research Meeting

54    Labor Saving Options Support Restaurants Faced With Employee Shortages
Kewpie Corporation

57    JAPAN PACKAGING CONTEST Sees Its Highest Number of Entries Yet
Japan Packaging Institute

58    Data for 2015 Show Growth in Japan’s Packaging Industry
The Japan Packaging Institute

60    Combining Printed Woodgrain Panels and Cutting-edge Technology to Build a House of the Future
TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD./Nippon Design Center, Inc., Hara Design Institute

64    Using Sol-gel Technology and Nanocellulose to Develop a Better Organic-inorganic Hybrid Gas Barrier Film
Division of Maritime Logistics Sciences, Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University

67    First-of-its-kind Prepreg Material Offers All of the Strengths of Both Thermosetting and Thermoplastic Prepreg With None of the Drawbacks

70    Adding Tiny Amounts of CNT Improves the Impact Strength of CFRP Without Increasing Thickness
MIZUNO Corporation / New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

72    Highly Transparent Thin-film Containing Dispersed Nanodiamonds
School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Department of Chemical Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology/JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

74    New High Performance Flooring Material Is the First Architectural Decorative Sheet to Use Nanoparticles for Improved Performance
TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD., Acteiive Corporation

106    IHS Releases Its Latest Estimates for the FPD Module Supply Industry
IHS Technology Display Department, IHS Markit



78        Release Paper
Part 5: Silicone Release Property (2), Session 12
Tomishi Shibano

82    Coating Theory and Phenomenon for the Plant, Chapter 3, Session 3
Adhesion Mechanism and Interface Part 4
Professor Akira Kawai

86    Plastic Surface Decoration Technology
Chapter 2: Decoration Technology Details 4, Session 5
Shohei Masui

92    Introduction to Flexible & Printable Electronics, Session 32
Roll-to-roll Production Methods: 6
Dominique K. Numakura

100    Basic Course on Instrumentation and Control in the Converting Process, Session 34

109    Basic Course on Water-based Flexo Film Printing, Session 4
Fumio Ito

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WH Hashimoto
Chapter 1 Background to Web Handling
Chapter 2 Web Handling Fundamentals
Chapter 3 Web Deformation
Chapter 4 Tribology in Web Handling
Chapter 5 Web Slippage
Chapter 6 Web Wrinkles
Chapter 7 Winding Mechanics
Chapter 8 Tension Control
Chapter 9 Web Spreading

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