Convertech International November / December 2017

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Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2017 Preview


 Focus On..

The Newly Developed FN425E Flexible Packaging NS Slitter Model

Nishimura Mfg. Co., LTD.

VSP Meat Packaging, Light Blocking Glass Bottles,

Positive List Regulation, and Bottle-to-bottle Chemical Recycling

Japan Food Packaging Association

Problems With Plastic Drug Packaging Allow Glass to Remain the

Dominant Packaging Material in India’s Massive Drug Market

12th International Packaging Seminar (IPS'17)

 "No-hassle Hand-made Feel"

Is the Latest Trend in Japan's Commercial Food Industry

Kewpie Corporation

"EM-250W" Label UV Inkjet Printers

Finding New Uses for Short-run Flexible Packaging


AR, VR, and Personalized Labels

Stand to Stimulate the Global Label Industry


The Past and Future of

One of Japan's Major Converting Equipment Manufacturers: Water-based

Printing and Customer-oriented Design


Hard, Tough Vulcanized Fiber Paper Clips

Can Be Bent to Any Shape Imaginable With a Little Water


New Wearable Memo Decals and Bands Are

a Must for Memo-takers in All Types of Workplaces

Cosmotec Co., Ltd.

New Packaging Materials Eliminate Odors and Condensation,

Reduce CO2 Emissions, and Prevent Counterfeiting

26th Annual Research Presentation Conference

The Society of Packaging Science & Technology, Japan

Secondary Materials

Play an All-important Role in Packaging and Improving Convenience

The Society of Packaging Science & Technology, Japan, 73rd Symposium

BASF's Future Automobile Paint Color Themes

Reflect the Social Changes of the Times

BASF Japan Automotive Color Trends 2017-18

Clean Pilot Coater

With Six Changeable Coating Options Goes Into Operations

Independent Unit Environmental Condition Control Enables Near Production Facility Performance

Kobayashi Engineering Works, Ltd.

Expanding Laser and Engraving Cylinder Making Capacity

With a New FX3 and Japan's First K500G4

Sanyo Gravure Co., Ltd.


A Unidirectional CFRTP Substrate for Forming and Reinforcing Applications


Supply Surplus of Ethylene and Ethylene Derivatives

Expected to Continue Through 2021

The Study Group on Global Supply and Demand Trends for Petrochemical Products

Paper Substrates Offer the Potential for

High-temperature Curing and Dimensional Stability in Printed Electronics

Techno Alpha Co., Ltd. / Arjowiggins Creative Papers

Production Environment Will Rely on Growth in Asia

2017 Keypoint Intelligence Supply Market Conference

Five Companies in Japan Come Together to Develop a Drone Collision

Prevention System

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)



Developing Medical Devices That Can Also Be Used During Disasters,

Session 3

Smart Polymer Å~ Future Medicine

Mitsuhiro Ebara

Coating Theory and Phenomenon for the Plant, Chapter 4, Session 3

Nanotechnology and Coating

Professor Akira Kawai

Basic Course on Instrumentation and Control in the Converting Process,

Session 40

Yoshihiko Ohta

The Potential of Screen Printing, Session 2

Screen Printing Is Not an Out-of-date, Difficult to Control Printing Method

What Is the Finest Required Degree of Fine Line Printing for Electronics?

Yasushi Sano

Enhancement of Thermoelectric Figure of Merit Using Submicron

Structures, Session 6

PSA and Cutting-edge PSA Applications

Wataru Morita / Kunihisa Kato

Plastic Surface Decoration Technology

Chapter 3: Decoration Technology Details 8, Session 11

Shohei Masui

Machine Directory

Converting Machine Guide (CMG) is a unique, easy to use system categorized by company and machine/equipment.

Visit the CMG site.


WH Hashimoto
Chapter 1 Background to Web Handling
Chapter 2 Web Handling Fundamentals
Chapter 3 Web Deformation
Chapter 4 Tribology in Web Handling
Chapter 5 Web Slippage
Chapter 6 Web Wrinkles
Chapter 7 Winding Mechanics
Chapter 8 Tension Control
Chapter 9 Web Spreading

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