Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America (PIA) Center for Print Economics and Management and the Department of Management at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) are partnering on a new Management Study exploring recruiting, hiring, and human resources best practices throughout the printing and graphic communications industry.
This study will address a common concern among printing industry leaders: the ability to recruit, hire, and adequately staff their firms. With the country's economy continuing to grow and the print market remaining strong, the study aims to answer: "Why is staffing such an issue?"
"Labor markets are heating up along with the economy. The unemployment rate at 4.1 percent is near the historic low, hiring is on the upswing with 200,000 new jobs added in January, labor force participation rates are creeping up, and wages are finally edging higher after a long period of relative stability," said Dr. Ron Davis, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Center for Print Economics and Management. "While all of this is good news, it does raise issues for printers that are looking for workers."
The survey and subsequent Management Study will give printers insight into the best recruiting, hiring, and human resources practices. The project explores the relationship between human resources practices, profitability, and other key performance metrics. Survey participants will receive a comprehensive report of the findings.
The survey is now open and can be accessed at this link. For more information about the Center for Print Economics and Management or the survey, please contact Dr. Ronnie Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Converting Machine Guide (CMG) is a unique, easy to use system categorized by company and machine/equipment.

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WH Hashimoto
Chapter 1 Background to Web Handling
Chapter 2 Web Handling Fundamentals
Chapter 3 Web Deformation
Chapter 4 Tribology in Web Handling
Chapter 5 Web Slippage
Chapter 6 Web Wrinkles
Chapter 7 Winding Mechanics
Chapter 8 Tension Control
Chapter 9 Web Spreading

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CON­VERTECH INTERNATIONAL is an Eng­lish lan­guage bi- monthly mag­a­zine spe­cial­ized in con­vert­ing tech­nolo­gies. Avail­able in both print and elec­tronic ver­sions, each issue cov­ers converting materials, the fun­da­men­tals of coat­ing, print­ing, lam­i­nat­ing, and other related tech­nolo­gies.

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