Nashua, NH USA – December 21, 2017 – Presstek LLC, the leading provider of eco-friendly printing solutions, today announces the success of My DI, a free program that helps customers optimize their DI offset presses to regain profitability from short-run print projects. Launched in October, the My DI program enables customers to leverage the speed, efficiency, and high-quality output of DI digital printing for a wide range of applications. Presstek’s My DI program is lead by a global team of DI experts that provide one-to-one consulting to improve press utilization and reduce operating costs. The DI experts are also providing exceptional pricing for consumables, parts, and services to help improve customers’ competitive positioning.

Additionally, My DI customers can request a free return on investment (ROI) analysis that compares their DI offset press to inkjet and toner printing. To date, the My DI program has identified that more than 40% of customers worldwide are underutilizing their DI for jobs exceeding 500 pieces. An optimized DI press provides the speed and high-quality output to stay competitive, while giving customers unparallelled environmental advantages.

“The timing couldn’t be more perfect for the My DI program. We are giving customers the insight and support they need to optimize their DIs and operations to gain a competitive edge,” comments Randy Garrett, Business Development Manager, DI Products, West Region, Presstek. “Each customer we meet with is benefiting from the program. Many are experiencing a notable ROI, in terms of quality and speed, and are out-producing their in-house inkjet printers and copiers.”

“The My DI program has made it possible for us to operate our DI more efficiently with better quality output than any leading inkjet printer. Absolutely, yes!” comments Tony Varanckis, Production Manager, Salt Lake City-based Presto Print.

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WH Hashimoto
Chapter 1 Background to Web Handling
Chapter 2 Web Handling Fundamentals
Chapter 3 Web Deformation
Chapter 4 Tribology in Web Handling
Chapter 5 Web Slippage
Chapter 6 Web Wrinkles
Chapter 7 Winding Mechanics
Chapter 8 Tension Control
Chapter 9 Web Spreading

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CON­VERTECH INTERNATIONAL is an Eng­lish lan­guage bi- monthly mag­a­zine spe­cial­ized in con­vert­ing tech­nolo­gies. Avail­able in both print and elec­tronic ver­sions, each issue cov­ers converting materials, the fun­da­men­tals of coat­ing, print­ing, lam­i­nat­ing, and other related tech­nolo­gies.

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