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Plastics professionals visit Npe in Orlando

Plastic   02/27 2012 18:58

NegriBossi and Sacmi fly to Florida to present their latest range of products, from the revolutionary EOS to the innovative CHS vision system used to eliminate closure defects.

Npe, the most important exhibition in the world for the plastics industry, will take place from April 1 to 5 at the OrangeCountyConvention Center in Orlando, Florida. This occasion is not to be missed by the Sacmi Group(West Hall LevelI – booth 925), with its several decades of experience in the sector and important innovations launched in the market in 2011. » Read More

European Bioplastics announces 7th European Bioplastics Conference

Plastic   02/07 2012 20:02

Berlin, 06 February 2012. European Bioplastics, the association of the bioplastics industry in Europe, announces the 7th European Bioplastics Conference to take place on 6/7 November 2012 at he Maritim proArte Hotel in Berlin. » Read More

Development of production technology for sustainable MMA, Mitsubishi Rayon

Plastic   11/10 2011 12:18

Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. (MRC) and subsidiary group Lucite International (both part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation -MCHC) are continuing the drive for innovation by developing alternative sustainable feedstock sources for the production of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), using both existing technologies and developing completely new bio based routes for methacrylate monomers. We plan to commercialize production and use of sustainable feedstock for MMA production by 2016 and intend to achieve at least 50% of MMA production from these sources. » Read More

PeroXeal™ – New packaging for a traditional BASF product

Packaging , PlasticFilm   10/26 2011 10:59

-PeroXeal™ packaging system for pharmaceutical PVP sets new standards
-Gradual transition of the Kollidon® product line to the new system
-PVP successful in the market for over 70 years

BASF has developed a packaging system which sets new quality standards: In the future PeroXeal™ will protect the pharmaceutical excipient Kollidon ® , based on PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone), even better against contact with oxygen and subsequent o xidation. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the peroxide level of Kollidon ® , making the excipient suitable for use in oxygen-sensitive formulations as well. Under the trade name Kollidon®, PVP is used in tablets as a binder and as disintegrant. » Read More

High visibility, BASF

PlasticResin , Company Information , Products   10/19 2011 11:53

-At the FAKUMA 2011: New low-fogging, high-gloss PBT for headlight bezels

The new Ultradur® High Gloss B4570 is one of the numerous new engineering resins from BASF making their appearance at the trade fair FAKUMA 2011 being held in October in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Compared to existing PBT grades (PBT: polybutylene terephthalate) for headlight bezels, this material offers not only high gloss. It is specifically characterized by its extremely low outgassing at temperatures up to 160°C over an extended period of time. Like related resins in the Ultradur family, the new material can be metallized without difficulty and is immediately available in Europe and Asia.  » Read More

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