April 17, 2018, Tokyo, Japan—Toyochem Co., Ltd., a member of the Toyo Ink Group of Japan, today announced the launch of the LIOELM™ FTS series of thermally conductive adhesive sheets as a heat-dissipation solution in power devices. Efficient thermal management is critical for reliability and performance of high power electronics, especially those found in automotive applications. With the protection of sensitive electronics from overheating in mind, Toyochem researchers in Japan were able to solve the performance trade-off problem between the elastic modulus and thermal resistance that typically arises in conventional epoxy-based thermal interface materials.

Ultra-low modulus for reduced resistance

The LIOELM FTS is a thermal material that maintains an ultra-low elastic modulus. Thanks to its soft consistency and special rheology, the LIOELM FTS fills in every void and conforms to every rough surface, thus creating a high strength interface between the heatsink and the package. This results in optimum heat transfer and reduced thermal stress at the interface, making it possible to reach the low levels of thermal resistance necessary to transfer heat effectively.

High heat durability without compromising conductivity

Along with an ultra-low modulus, the LIOELM FTS demonstrates excellent thermal durability and insulation reliability at high temperatures (up to 180°C), while still maintaining good thermal conductivity (up to 10W/m-K). Toyochem researchers accomplished this by combining its unique polymer with highly conductive fillers to create a thermal interface with excellent bond strength and high conductivity, and durable dielectric strength. Thanks to its unique sheet design, the LIOCHEM FTS quickly transfers heat from the source to the heat sink, while reliably insulating the electronic device from high voltages and thermal shock. This enables the interface material to effectively dissipate sizable levels of heat for the most demanding power electronics, in particular for next-generation electric vehicles.

Toyochem will be spotlighting the LIOELM FTS thermally conductive adhesive sheets and its other thermal management solutions at the PCIM (Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion) Europe 2018 in Nuremberg, June 5 – 7, at booth 6-359. Ms. Kaori Nakamura of the Innovation Lab at Toyo Ink SC Holdings, the parent company of the Toyo Ink Group, will also be presenting a special seminar on the LIOELM FTS on June 7, from 2:20 to 2:40 pm.

About Toyochem Co., Ltd.

Toyochem, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toyo Ink Group, oversees the Group#39;s Polymers and Coatings business segment. Headquartered in Tokyo, the company operates three production facilities in Japan. Leveraging the Group's polymer design technologies that have been cultivated for over a century, Toyochem manufactures polymers, adhesive tapes, marking films and coatings for a wide array of industrial applications. The company's slogan “Something New, Close to You” embodies its commitment to continuously bring new value to everyday lives by delivering new solutions that use Toyochem polymers as their core material. For more information, visit www.toyo-chem.com/en/.

For more information about the Toyo Ink Group, see the website of the parent company Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. at schd.toyoinkgroup.com/en/.

  1. * Toyochem, the Toyochem logo and LIOELM are trademarks or registered trademarks of Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.

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