Convertech is the monthly technical journal that covers all of the converting technologies for webs and sheets, including films (simple, functional, multilayer, etc.), metal foils, paper, paperboard, functional paper, nonwoven fabric, synthetic paper, textile, metal plates, carbon fiber complex sheets, thin film glass, ceramic sheets, and foamed sheets, etc.

Convertech has continued to provide technical information on coating, laminating, printing (particularly special and fine pattern printing), and slitting, etc., for the past 43 years. The contribution of the journal can be seen in the development of the coating business in the information technology, electrical/electronics, and clean energy fields that support Japan’s industries today. Those in the know praise its existence. In particular, the journal dedicates more space to coating technology than any other magazine in Japan. Convertech also provided the impetus for studies into web handling, a topic finding significant interest of late.

Convertech connects converters with users; converters with manufacturers and distributors of materials and equipment; and converters with outstanding ideas. In other words, it is an information media that functions as the glue for converters and all converting related industries, allowing them to create original products that respond to the exceptional demands of a fickle market.

Convertech is not a journal for a narrow industry bounded by existing limitations. Although there are specialized newspapers and magazines for individual siloed industries, such as packaging, adhesives, printing, labels, plastic, paper, nonwoven fabric, fibers, displays, medical, bio, semiconductors, electronics, chemicals, automobiles, architecture, and machinery, there is no need to limit the spread of technology to these categories. Rather, this journal is for converters and related industries that use the core converting technologies of coating, laminating, printing, cutting, punching, and winding in their manufacturing activities regardless of the field. These technologies are used in a transverse manner across a wide range of industries.

Convertech’s editorial staff captures and reports on the reality of product development and new ideas from the perspective of products, users, and converters to seek out the originality and priorities of the market, which is deeply interconnected with technology. Our quality as a converting technology journal is recognized as being far above that of other converting related trade journals throughout the world.

With the full strength of the editorial department, the journal covers the following themes.

The fusion of printing and electronics in the form of printed electronics is growing in importance. With a focus on printing materials, R&D conditions, and products, such as printing systems, conductive materials, and light emitting materials, for example, Convertech covers these topics under the original term Printronics.

●Growth Markets
These markets bring to light the excellent converting products and technologies that play an important roll in the hottest markets today. In 2012, these included lithium-ion batteries for electric power assist bicycles, phosphorescent products, and blue light products.

●Top Interview
Convertech interviews top management of active converters, and material and machinery manufacturers about their unique management policies and the industry today.

This topic includes the products, materials, and technologies that are strongly related to converting in areas such as solar power generation, lithium-ion batteries, and energy harvesting.

●Latest in Touch Screens
The explosive growth in the smartphone and tablet PC markets could not have been possible without touch screens. As such, this topic covers the related products, structural materials, converting technologies, and new methods.

●The User
This topic covers the hit products in the wide range of user industries, from food and beverage, to medical, sanitary, healthcare, daily products, and distribution, and analyzes the development background and future market outlook. It also provides the latest news on converters and the materials industry.

●The Converter
This section covers the hidden strengths of capable converters, unique processing lines, and ambitious projects.

This topic focuses on the new packagings, technologies, and materials based on original concepts.

This section looks at the latest technologies and materials from a unique perspective.

This section reports on all types of information related to converting, including new projects, new developments of hardware and software, materials, and new services.

This topic covers interesting products developed and manufactured by converters from a unique angle.

This topic includes the various coating technologies (wet/dry), products, and machinery.

This topic includes the various laminating methods (dry, non-solvent, thermal, wet, extrusion, etc.), products, and machinery.

This topic includes the various printing technologies (gravure, flexo, screen, inkjet, imprint, etc.), products, and machinery.

Topical Serials

Current Serials

・Web/Sheet File

・Techniques for Applying Simulation to Converting

・Latest in Screen Printing Technology

・Converting Technology as Seen From Patents

・Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Control Technology in the Converting Process

・Major Players in New Functional Materials

・The China Converting Information

・Practical Science of Static Electricity at the Production Plant
・The A, B, Cs of Gravure Printing Machines

・Flexo Printing

New Planned Serials

・Film Decoration

・Coating Fundamentals

・Converting Terminology

Machine Directory

Converting Machine Guide (CMG) is a unique, easy to use system categorized by company and machine/equipment.

Visit the CMG site.


WH Hashimoto
Chapter 1 Background to Web Handling
Chapter 2 Web Handling Fundamentals
Chapter 3 Web Deformation
Chapter 4 Tribology in Web Handling
Chapter 5 Web Slippage
Chapter 6 Web Wrinkles
Chapter 7 Winding Mechanics
Chapter 8 Tension Control
Chapter 9 Web Spreading

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