Ultrasonic Dry Cleaner [Spot Cleaner]

Hugle Electronics Inc.

Do you have problems dealing with cuttings after lithium-ion rechargeable battery cathode foil, anode foil and optical film slitting?

Are cuttings sticking to your rolls and decreasing your yield?

If so, our Spot Cleaner (SPW Series) is ideal for you.

Our Spot Cleaner drastically improves yields by efficiently removing cuttings generated during film slitting in roll-to-roll systems and removing cuttings before they pile up on the rolls.

Uses ultrasonic waves to vibrate the air, our system excites dust that cannot be removed with standard air. The excited dust is then recovered using a suction slit to prevent the dust from scattering.

The non-contact mechanism does not damage the film.

Using a light, compact design, the system can also be easily installed on production line with limited space.

The discharged and suctioned air can be supplied using the customer’s existing facilities, allowing for low-cost installation.

For those customers interested in wide-film or total-surface cleaning, please consider  our USW Series web cleaner.


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