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Convertech International 2017年 1/2月号

書籍名 Convertech International 2017年 1/2月号
販売価格 3,440円
税別価格 3,127円
送料区分 送料込



38    Exhibition Preview
Converting Technology Exhibition 2017

42    Exhibition Preview
ICE Europe 2017

46    Exhibition Preview
ICE USA 2017

48    The FN405E, a Cutting-edge NS Slitter Model Developed for Flexible Packaging
Kazuki Yoshimi, Sales Department, Nishimura Mfg. Co., LTD.

54    Theoretical Approach to Winding Defects
Toshimitsu Kanda, Process Technology Section, Product Research Department,
Research Center, LINTEC Corporation

58    PSA Fundamentals and Evaluation
Toshio Sugizaki, Research Planning Section, R&D Strategy Dept.
LINTEC Corporation

62    Targeting a WVTR of Less Than 0.000001 With a Roll-to-roll Organic Catalytic CVD System
Professor Hiroshi Nakayama, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka City University
Shinji Wakura, CEO, Asahi Electronics Laboratory Co., Ltd.

66    Pursuing Table Die Coater Technology to Meet the Needs of Customers
Die-Gate Co., Ltd.

72    Tapeless Rewinding Unit
Yoshiaki Yasuda*, Ryo Morikawa
Development Unit, Technology Department, FUJI KIKAI KOGYO Co., Ltd.

77    Determining the Relationship Between Advanced Bar Coater Potential and Viscosity Through Testing (Part 1)
Tsuneo Tate, Ryo Tomura, Shuya Yokota


Focus On..

4    Introducing the Prosper 6000 S Stand-alone and Hybrid Inkjet Printing Presses
Eastman Kodak Company

6    Deliveries of the PaperLab A-8000 Dry Office Paper Recycling System Begin
Seiko Epson Corporation/Epson Sale Japan Corporation

9     PET Laminated Japanese Paper Creates a New Sense of Texture in "HAKUUNSHI"
Kyoto Art

12    Functionalizing Amphiphilic Polymer Nanosheets Made Using the LB Method
Mitsuishi Group, Polymer Hybrid Nanomaterials, PHyM IMRAM, Tohoku University

17    Fibrillating Chitin Nanofibers
With Microbubbles to Improve Adhesion Strength

20    Applying Chitin Nanofibers to Medical-use Sheets and Coatings
Marine Nano-fiber Co., Ltd.

24    Inkjet Printing Electronic Circuits for Flexible Flat Cables
AgIC Inc.

28    New Filler-free Porous Film, DLC Medical Applications, and
New Self-Adhesive Blue Colored Film on Display at INTERPHEX
Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

30    Precision Equipment Shipping Film Provides Both Transparency and a High Barrier Property
E-pack Corporation

32    SGCNT Sheet-type TIM Exceeds the Performance of Grease-type TIM
Zeon Corporation

34    Miracle Core Reduces Step Mark Defect Area in Film Webs to One-sixth the Length
MIKATA Co., Ltd.



86    Plastic Surface Decoration Technology
Chapter 2: Decoration Technology Details 5, Session 6
Shohei Masui

96    Coating Theory and Phenomenon for the Plant, Chapter 3, Session 4
Adhesion Mechanism and Interface Part 4
Professor Akira Kawai

100    Basic Course on Water-based Flexo Film Printing, Session 5
Fumio Ito

105    Basic Course on Instrumentation and Control in the Converting Process, Session 35
Yoshihiko Ohta

110    Release Paper
Part 6: Release Agents and PSAs, A Seemingly Distant but Surprisingly Close Relationship, Session 13
Tomishi Shibano