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Convertech International 2017年 9/10月号

書籍名 Convertech International 2017年 9/10月号
販売価格 3,440円
税別価格 3,127円
送料区分 送料込



4 Thailand's Converters Showing Strong Activity

ProPak Asia

10 Emblem HG:

A Nylon Gas Barrier Film Designed to Reduce Food Deterioration

UNITIKA LTD. Osaka Headquarters

34 Selecting Anilox Rollers and Doctor Blades

Cross-link Pacific, Inc.

52 "Synchronized Peel-off Lifting Contact Printing"

as a New Technique for Solder Paste Printing

SP-Solutions Co., Ltd.

Focus On..

15 FIXELON Thermoplastic Film Achieves a Higher Dissimilar

Material Bonding Strength Than Adhesives


18 The Potential for Dissimilar Material Joining Technologies

in Multi-material Automotive Structures

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

24 Direct Joining of Metal to Plastic and CFRP

for Lighter Weight Automobiles

Osaka University

30 Another Offset Printer in Japan Takes on the Challenge of Water-based

Flexo Film Printing

     Komatsu Corporation

42 New Transparent PI Allows for Transparent FPC With a High Enough Heat Resistance for Reflow Soldering

     Oki Electric Cable Co.,Ltd., Asahi Denka Kenkyusho Co., Ltd., DKN Research LLC

45 FUJI.M.O Flexible Packaging

Inkjet-gravure Hybrid Printing Machine Wins the

2017 DuPont Packaging Innovation Silver Award

Fuji Tokushu Shigyo Co. Ltd.

46 Utilizing Screen Printing to Produce

Smaller, Thinner, Lighter Flexible Electronic Components

Teikoku Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

57 Trends in Security Printing and

Combinations With Marketing and Traceability Services

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

60 Unveiling Asia's First HP PageWide Web Press T490HD

We'll Corporation / HP Japan

64 Digital Printing and HP Mosaic Used to Create

Two Million Images for One of a Kind Gum Packages

Lotte Co., Ltd.

68 SONORA XJ Process Free Plates

Now Used at More Than 300 Companies in Japan

Eastman Kodak Company/Kodak Japan

70 Floating Cut Technology Produces a Mirror-finish Edge Face With no Fractured Surfaces

Nakasaku Co., Ltd.


73 Coating Theory and Phenomenon for the Plant, Chapter 4, Session 2

Nanotechnology and Coating

Professor Akira Kawai

78 Plastic Surface Decoration Technology

Chapter 2: Decoration Technology Details 9, Session 10

Shohei Masui

86 Basic Course on Water-based Flexo Film Printing, Session 9

Fumio Ito

90 Applications for Modified Lignin Resources and Some Examples Thereof

The Potential for and Application of "Glycol Lignin" as a New Industrial Material (3)

Takeo Ebina

96 Developing an Early Diagnosis System That Can Also Be Utilized

in Developing Countries

Smart Polymer Å~ Future Medicine

Mitsuhiro Ebara

100 Light Diffusing Film Formed of a Refractive Index Distribution Structure,

Session 5

PSA and Cutting-edge PSA Applications

Baku Katagiri

105 Basic Course on Instrumentation and Control in the Converting Process,

Session 39

Yoshihiko Ohta

112 The Potential of Screen Printing, Session 1

Application to Decoration in the Graphic Arts

Yasushi Sano