Listing Order Guide

Listing Order Guide

All listings in Converting Machine Guide are paid listings

Listing Fee: 30,000 JPY per item

Listing Period: 1 year from the initial listing date

*During the agreement term, listing contents may be altered as often as desired.

Listing Details

(1) Category Name (please select from the list)
If an appropriate category is not available, please contact us directly to create a new category.

(2) Product Name

(3) Company Name

(4) Photograph (please provide as JPEG, etc.)
Size should be W250×H300 pixels

(5) Product Outline (characteristics, specifications, applications, etc.)

(6) Address, telephone number, fax number, URL, e-mail

(7) Address for branches, sales offices, and factories, etc., may be listed.

(8) Products and services list

(9) “New Product” text may also be included

Listing Instructions

Request listing from the listing form button below

If you have any questions, please contact us here

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