Laser type online thickness measuring system NME-RM、NSM-RM


*Measure thickness but not basis weight by non-contact.
*Full width measurement during manufacturing sheet.
*Easy operation without license, permission, and standard curve.
*Condition of sheet can be seen at first sight by a dedicated software.
*It is not affected by quality, color, and pattern of material.
*When the sheet thickness is over set value, an alarm on automatic thickness monitoring function goes off.

Thickness: 〜3mm
The maximum measurement width: 3500 mm
Measurement pitch: 1mm〜 (during scanning measurement)
Minimum display value: 0.1 µm
Scanning speed: 100 mm/sec
* It is possible to suggest appropriate measurement systems among X-rays type, air type, contact type, etc. corresponding to object to be measured.

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