Desktop off-line type thickness measuring device TOF-5R


– It measures simply and quickly with off-line thickness measurement.
– It shows measured data i real time at a display.
– It can save the measured data in PC automatically.
– Because of measuring as automating transport, there is not personal error on the measured data.
– It can be use for blown film adjustment by radar chart.

Thickness: 0.02 – 0.2 mm
Measurement length: 10 – 10000 mm
Measuring pitch: 0.1mm~
Minimum display value: 0.1µm
Otherwise, TOF-4R type measures 30 µm – 3 mm thickness, and TOF-6R type has 0.01 µm minimum display value and 0.1mm measurement pitch, TOF-C2 type is non-contact electrostatic capacity type for thin film and optical film, and there is a high accuracy type using spectral interference for transparent film.

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