The quality of a coating product requires high-quality coating resulting from a high-precision coating head. At the same time, quality also relies on the stability and efficiency of the curing process, in other words the post-coating drying process. For this reason, we consider the drying process critical to the determination of coating quality.
Therefore, in aiming for higher quality, it is necessary to appropriately select the drying system functions and methods.
Based on the “heat and air” technology we have accumulated since our founding, we offer different drying technologies, including roll-supported and floating dryers, of which we have sold many units.
Moreover, a clean environment has become an essential factor in drying high-quality coating products, so by thoroughly controlling the drying environment, we have aimed to improve the performance of our clean dryers, which have been well accepted in various industries. We also manufacture inert drying units for when drying under low oxygen conditions is required. We hope you make use of these.

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