Lip Coater


Since its development, we have sold more than 500 our lip coaters, which have been well received on the global market. In lip coating, the resin weight calculated based on the numerically input coating conditions is fed to the lip head. These conditions are controlled by the lip coater specialized L301 controller, which can be used to remotely adjust the lip head coating gap using a key control. The lip head has a mechanism that allows the lip to be bent on the left and right sides, as well as the middle, which allows for free width direction resin profile control.
An optional unit allows for a thickness meter to be linked to the L301 controller to feed back the actual coating thickness. This function and numerical control allow for automated operation of the coater line.
By using the lip coater in applications that require a high level of skill, it is possible to easily realize high-precision coating by simply mastering the key operation.

Adhesives for optical films (OCA, etc.), light shielding films, PSA films, labels, ceramic green sheets, special films, electronic materials (FCCL, etc.), automobile components, medical items, adhesive coating

Roll Width: Max. width 2,500 mm
Machine Speed: Max. speed 500 m/min

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