SB-1100 is certificated by NRA as “The approved devices with certification labels”, so SB-1100 can be used with any license and control area in Japan.
SB-1100 accurately measures thickness of sheets, foil and films online in the sheet making process to show profiles and control the thickness.
SB-1100 significantly contributes to product quality improvement and productivity enhancement by saving materials.

1 . Safety and Accuracy
2 . Compact  
3 . Solutions for Specialized Needs

Membrane Electrode Assembly(MEA),Rechargeable Battery (e.g. Li-ion battery)Electrode Sheet, Capacitor , Plastic Film(e.g. multilayer extrusion film), Paper, Non-woven Fabric etc

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Thickness Gauge(X-ray,beta-ray,gamma-ray), Gamma Level Gauge, Gamma Density Meter, Thermoluminescence measurement system, X-ray radiation System

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