Because SX-1100 use a high sensitive detector and a low power X-ray source jointly, high radiation safety and high accurate measurement can be achieved at the same time. As the X-ray source and the detector of are very compact, SX-1100 can be easily installed in not only new production line but also existing one.

1. Accuracy and wide application
2. Accuracy and Safety
3. Compact
4. Solutions for Specialized Needs

Rechargeable Battery (e.g. Li-ion battery)Electrode Sheet, Capacitor , Membrane Electrode Assembly(MEA), Foil(Al,Cu,Ti,stainless steel), Ceramic green sheet(MLCC),Carbon Fiber Sheet,Glass epoxy(for PCB), Glass Cloths, Plastic Film, Plastic Plate, Metal Composite Materials etc.

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Thickness Gauge(X-ray,beta-ray,gamma-ray), Gamma Level Gauge, Gamma Density Meter, Thermoluminescence measurement system, X-ray radiation System

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